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Russian #1 DJ Feel is widely recognised in the trance community for his high energy and bursting sound. There was no holding back with Hero, creating a big-room banger perfect to get you jumping. Combining ever so fluidly with the talented Sarah Shields, you?re sure to be hooked from the very first note. On remix duties is the incredibly talented and technically savvy Formal One (Armada, Mark Sixma, W&W, Antillas) who takes the original up a few notches increasing tempo and giving it a kick in the endorphins. He progressively builds the track having you reach its euphoric peak; immerse yourself in the swift drop and open atmosphere. Putting his uplifting twist onto the Hero EP is Mhammed El Alami (Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila) who opts for an emotional and deeper trance vibe with his rendition. The sunset-thriving melody gels perfectly with Sarah Shields? mesmerising vocals and creates a dreamscape you can only hope to escape to.


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