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Review from Flux BPM Online:
Dimitri Kechagias review: One of the most talented and hard working Russian dj & producer, the beloved dj Feel returns on Amsterdam Trance Records with his futuristic progressive meets big room trance hybrid The Razor. Absolutely stunning production that shines from the first minute till the last and is going to win the support of the biggest djs around the world. Energetic chunky groovy beats, powerful punchy basslines and on top runs the very addictive and very infectious synthy lead that will blow your sound system without doubts. Pretty simple as an idea but perfectly executed from Dj Feel who service an exceptional production that bangs hard and hooks the big crowds instantly with the electro infused razor sharp synthy riff that cuts deep without doubts and can touch your heart and spirit instantly. If you tried all the energy drinks and nothing works for your tired body, the next thing you should do is to play loud this anthem in your sound system and you will be energized instantly and charged fully to last partying for hours! Highly recommended! #PureGold Love It

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